Saturday, August 12, 2006


After setting up a discussion to be held in the town I grew up in, thoughts of returning to my old stomping ground flitted through (I know, do thoughts really flit?). The old track where I used to run, the football field that seemed to hold the boyhood dream of playing professional ball, the fabulous band that I used to be a part of, and the wonderful history of the small central New York town that was the Birthplace of Women's Rights.

The town has changed, and so have I. Many of the dreams I left with have vanished into middle age mediocrity with the exception that I have three wonderful daughters, each of which have worked hard to realize dreams - dreams that were once mine, now theirs to fulfill.

Going home will be a welcome diversion, if at least for a little while, I will again be an ambitous young man in a small town in the Finger Lakes.