Saturday, June 17, 2006

A hot one!

Looked at and saw that COnvergence had dropped to 140K! Not to say that is spiralling to the best seller list, but it feels good to at least get out of the 300K region. Granted, probably only one, but I'll take what I can get.

What was left of Alberto passed through this week and left a ton on rain, but now summer is officially here. Tried to get a few things done in the yard, but before I knew it, the sun and heat had beat me into submission - even the water snake chose not to move as I stumbled by in my heat induced stupor. He just looked at me, almost to say "no games today - just walk by, leave me alone, and we can just call it even.

Working in the yard in the morning provides some time for working through some phrases. Today, a penchant for gallows humor passed by - sounds like something to work on. And the title of the next one evolved to Dirty Little Secrets. Catchy. Need to see if that's been taken.

Off to chapter three. Carter returns to the US and uncovers some high level plotting going on. Sounds like something to work on, with a penchant for gallows humor.



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