Monday, May 29, 2006

New Web Site and Other Rambling

After sixteen straight hours, I re-designed my website as well. Once done, all I could do was sit at the tube and watch the bar move SLOWLY as it progressed. With trepidation that the darned thing would blow up as soon as I punched up, I gingerly pressed the keys and slowly depressed the enter key. With closed eyes, I listened for and bangs or whoops that would tell me that the house of cards fell down. Much to my surprise - it worked! Now I just hope it will bring in enough business to pay for itself!

The re-design gave ne a respite from haying my front lawn from a neglected spring time. Seems the moles have provided a fine cross-hatch and blend of dirt, roots and thirsty grass. But it's hacked down to manageable height for a weekly foray through the summer, and I look forward to some sweet tea while I ponder which of the four book projects I want to dive into. Perhaps another saunter would help.

I would like to thank Karen at Brightleaf Books for a great booksigning in Smithfield, NC. Miss Karen had a wonderful set-up, I even snitched a few of the cookies, and I met many of her regulars. Even the storms held off to let a few wander in and have a chat about the Hunley, my book, and the rejuvinated Telmenu Saimnieks. Some of the conversations even sparked some other thoughts for some follow-up Southern Fiction that I'd like to get down on paper. If you have a moment when passing through Smithfield, stop off and set a spell at Brightleaf - it is a marvelous place!