Friday, April 14, 2006

Respect for the men of the Hunley

Brian Hicks of the Charleston Post and Courier provided some great news concerning the third and final crew of the Hunley. Finally, Lt. George Dixon, Joseph Ridgaway, James Wicks, Frank Collins, Arnold Becker, JF Carlsen, Lumpkin and Miller, the Hunley's third crew, and the crew that could be considered as the seed that started the submarine Navy, will have headstones commemorating their final resting place at Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston.

After all these years, common respect for these brave men. As presented in my historical novel about the men, Convergence of Valor, these brave men came together on that one night in February to defend a small piece of their homeland, their homeland either by birth or acclimation. Understanding how technology has developed from that night puts their bravery and valor into perspective.


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