Saturday, April 01, 2006

Great time in Cary

Had a great time in Cary this past week meeting a few folks and signing a few copies of Convergence of Valor. It was great to see the growing interest in Convergence of Valor, and I hope I didn't gaff too much by rambling into the details, but this novel and the topic excites me.

I wanted to take a few seconds to mention a couple of great people I have met while distributing Convergence. Emily at Burry Bookstore in Hartsville, SC and Karen at Brightleaf Books in Smithfield are two of these people I have met recently. Their bookstores are what I remember of the fabulous small town bookstore that I grew up with. The nooks and chairs are set up just perfectly to set a spell and get lost in an adventure in a far away place or a far a way time. Thank you Emily and Karen, and all the other small independent booksellers out there.


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