Saturday, March 25, 2006

I missed the memo

Passing by the gas station the other day I noticed the price had gone up to $2.75 again. Let's see - I don't remember a hurricane recently that cut off supplies, or a tanker that ran aground, or dwindling supplies. So why is the price higher than it was just following Katrina? I guess I missed the catastrophe memo sent out a few weeks ago when the price jumped 20 cents. And I guess while I am grumbling about that, here's a blast from the past -

Sam downshifted and turned into the filling station, more because the shiny metal sign boasted fastest service in town rather than the forty-nine cents a gallon for premium. The tires squeezed the life out of the rubber hose that lay on the pavement, making the bell ring twice for each tire. As he inched the Ford's dented fender closer to the pump, the brakes squealed and brought the blue jump suits scrambling toward his car.

"Fill 'er up and check the oil? And clean the windshield? Let me put some air in those tires!"

Then I woke up - the washer fluid bucket was dry, the sponge dangled like it had been through battle, and the rubber squeegee had been shreaded. The attendent yelled at me that this was pre-pay cash only, no exceptions. I thought about leaving for a moment but then realized that it would be no better at the station down the road. I guess I should check my oil company stock when I get home.


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