Saturday, March 25, 2006

I missed the memo

Passing by the gas station the other day I noticed the price had gone up to $2.75 again. Let's see - I don't remember a hurricane recently that cut off supplies, or a tanker that ran aground, or dwindling supplies. So why is the price higher than it was just following Katrina? I guess I missed the catastrophe memo sent out a few weeks ago when the price jumped 20 cents. And I guess while I am grumbling about that, here's a blast from the past -

Sam downshifted and turned into the filling station, more because the shiny metal sign boasted fastest service in town rather than the forty-nine cents a gallon for premium. The tires squeezed the life out of the rubber hose that lay on the pavement, making the bell ring twice for each tire. As he inched the Ford's dented fender closer to the pump, the brakes squealed and brought the blue jump suits scrambling toward his car.

"Fill 'er up and check the oil? And clean the windshield? Let me put some air in those tires!"

Then I woke up - the washer fluid bucket was dry, the sponge dangled like it had been through battle, and the rubber squeegee had been shreaded. The attendent yelled at me that this was pre-pay cash only, no exceptions. I thought about leaving for a moment but then realized that it would be no better at the station down the road. I guess I should check my oil company stock when I get home.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Thank you, Charleston!

Thank you Charleston for a great weekend! Yeah, okay, I only sold one book, but I had a chance to talk to so many great folks wandering through the bookstore that took the time to talk a little about what was on their mind. Conversations about the state of things in Charleston, the interesting city that it is, and even several compliments of how well Convergence was written. And not one comment about my accent!

Hope to be invited back this summer.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Worming my way in

Here I am, at the computer, a normal place for me, trying to figure out how to manage not only a web page that has shown how rusty HTML can become due to lack of use, but also trying to figure out how to get the blog running. If nothing else, this entry is a test to see if a post will go in, and whether or not I have scraped enough crust off to make an entry.
Exciting news at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center - announced that a best selling author is dropping 500K to help the FOH solve the mystery of the loss of the Hunley after she sent the Housatonic to the bottom. Great news for the FOH. Great news for anyone interested in the Hunley.
Of course, my diffidence now surfaces - I am an FOH, and had worked hard to get the word out about the remarkable machine. But being a bottom feeder when it comes to the publishing world, I fear that since my finances are in the red, I have nothing to offer the FOH but encouragement to all that surf through my web-page to take a trip to Charleston. And I would presume, no endorsement for my story either.
The power of money, and the frustration of trying to break through.
I stand by my dedication - They were brave men: Dixon, Ridgaway, Becker, Collins, Lumpkin. Wicks, Carlsen, and Miller. And their Convergence in Charleston for that night was a mission of Valor, and the beginning of a new age for the navies of the world.
Hail to the Hunley.